Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Day in a Life of Gregory Uy Chan

7:00 am - The alarm clock woke me up. Go to bathroom to pee, to brush teeth and to wash face.
7:30 - Drink a cup of coffee and doing warm-up.
8:30 - friends invite me to jog at the park.
9:00 - stop to manong’s mamihan to eat breakfast.
10:00 - go back to the house to have a rest.
10:15 - check my emails and some internet surfing.
11:00 - take a shower.
12:00 pm - cook food to eat for lunch.
12:30 - Lunch. Eat together with the family.
1:00 - Siesta time. Sleep for awhile to have a rest.
2:30 - woke-up and go to the bathroom to gargle water
3:00 - do some free lance work.
8:00 - attend a dinner meeting, a date or hangout with friends
10:00 - arrive at home relax and play computer games.
11:30 - Quick bath and prepare to sleep.
12:00 am - ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

I’m really a happy-go-lucky guy and this is what I usually do, but it also varies due to my freelance work, crazy friends and addictive PC games.

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