Thursday, October 27, 2011

IMBA Videos!

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy it. Share some Imba videos here so I can watch it too!

The Giant Crocodile in Philippines!

It weighs one ton and is believed responsible for eating at least one fisherman, but this monster crocodile has finally been caught by 100 very cautious men.
Measuring 21ft from snout to tail, the massive creature is the largest crocodile captured alive in recent years.
The beast was caught, after a three-week hunt, in a creek in the Philippines by villagers who had lived in fear of it for more than 20 years.
Its nearest rival in the monster stakes is Cassius, an Australian salt-water crocodile which measures a 'mere' 18ft - and which is still on the loose in the Northern Territory.

It's very big right? It is the worlds largest crocs!What can you say about this very huge Crocs?... Share it with me!

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Top Ten Scariest Movie!

1 - Death Tube
2 - My Ex Haunted Lover

3- Rec.

4 - The Exorcist

5 - SAW






How about you?... Do you have a list of your scariest movie?... share it with me!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Day in a Life of Gregory Uy Chan

7:00 am - The alarm clock woke me up. Go to bathroom to pee, to brush teeth and to wash face.
7:30 - Drink a cup of coffee and doing warm-up.
8:30 - friends invite me to jog at the park.
9:00 - stop to manong’s mamihan to eat breakfast.
10:00 - go back to the house to have a rest.
10:15 - check my emails and some internet surfing.
11:00 - take a shower.
12:00 pm - cook food to eat for lunch.
12:30 - Lunch. Eat together with the family.
1:00 - Siesta time. Sleep for awhile to have a rest.
2:30 - woke-up and go to the bathroom to gargle water
3:00 - do some free lance work.
8:00 - attend a dinner meeting, a date or hangout with friends
10:00 - arrive at home relax and play computer games.
11:30 - Quick bath and prepare to sleep.
12:00 am - ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

I’m really a happy-go-lucky guy and this is what I usually do, but it also varies due to my freelance work, crazy friends and addictive PC games.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

DOTA Fan Arts!

This are some fan arts of avid fan to Dota!  This was amazing! Just click the picture to view more!

Hope you enjoyed viewing! Share some Dota fan arts with me!. Just post it here!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Kenny G - If I ain't got you

I'm a big fan of Kenny G. Why? Watch and be amazed.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Emerging nations around the world are often heralded for their fast growth but we don't often hear about the downsides of that rapid development.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report on air quality in countries around the globe, on which we based a list of the ten most polluted countries. Almost all the worst offenders are either major oil and gas producers, or emerging economies that are growing rapidly.
The WHO study looked at air quality in 91 countries, measured by the amount of PM10 particles per cubic meter. PM10 particles are particles of 10 micrometers or less that can cause diseases and infections. According to the WHO, PM10 levels above 20 micrograms per cubic meter can cause health risks. The top ten most polluted countries have PM10 levels from six times to14 times that level.
10. Kuwait
9. Nigeria
8. Iran
7. United Arab Emirates
6. Egypt
5. Saudi Arabia
4. Senegal
3. Pakistan
2. Botswana
1. Mongolia

Did you see your country there?... Its an eye opener for us to be aware in our environment. Share your idea on how to solved this World wide problem!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Giant Albino Catfish

A British man Chris Grimmer and his three friends have never dreamed that a summer break in Spain would ensure them a place in the books of fishing 
records. Catfish caught by the 35-year-old Chris is the biggest ever hooked 
albino catfish. It was 2.4 meters long and weighs 88 kilograms, just 1 kilogram 
heavier than the previous record holder which was in September 2010. caught 
by blind Shelia Penfold from London. 


Share some weird story with me, and I will post it here! ^^

How 15-minute doses of physical activity can boost your life

Whenever you feel the urge to eat something because of cravings and boredom, get busy by dancing inside your room, or completing your household chores

It is still better to exercise even for 15 minutes a day than to do nothing at all. It is also better to do a consistent 15-minute workout that you can do for the rest of your life, than injure or stress yourself with unrealistic long-duration, high-intensity workouts, only to find yourself quitting exercise in the end.

There have been numerous studies published regarding the physical and mental benefits one can get from consistent short-duration physical activities. These studies are especially important in attracting sedentary or inactive people who usually get overwhelmed with 30 minutes a day of exercise just to get health and fitness benefits.

New Games for 2012

In 2012, Aion will be closing in on its third birthday, so why is it that I think it’ll be rounding out the top ten? I’m going to go out on a limb right now and say that it really could be any number of games from the crop here in 2009 that could fill this spot, but in my opinion, Aion has the best chance.
Aion is a game designed to appeal to number of different player types: PvP, RvR, PvE, RP and others. Then, you’ve got the fact that NCsoft North America needs Aion to be a success on this side of the world. This first major launch since the cancellation of the company’s previous flagship title, Tabula Rasa, has a lot riding on its shoulders and NCsoft didn’t gain a reputation as one of the premiere publishers on this side of the world by letting opportunities pass them by in a pinch.
The real reason that I put Aion on the top of the heap though is probably the fact that it has the advantage of being a rare imported game that was designed with our market in mind. So often, Western games are marred by buggy launches that take at least a few patches to work out, losing at least some players in the process. Then, after some time has gone by we see news that the same game has launched in an Eastern market or two, more polished and more completed than it was for us. With Aion, the roles are reversed and lessons can be learned on players from another market. Maybe that’s just the shot in the arm this game needs to gain the kind of popularity that will see it on the Top 10 charts in 2012.

More games fo 2012...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Underground River!

On the romantic tropical island of Palawan in the far western reaches of the Philippines there is a river that is navigable for more than five miles… underground.
Azure waters, crystal clear and inviting, mark the entrance to the world’s second longest subterranean watercourse. An few hours away from the city of Puerto Princesa and a short boat ride from the Sheridan Resort, Sabang, yet a step back in time to an age when the earth was still young.

Limestone karst mountains surround the mouth of the river cave as birds swoop and flutter above your boat. There are 252 species of birds known to occur on Palawan, one hundred and sixty five species of birds have been recorded in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park including Blue-naped Parrots, Hill Mynas, Palawan Hornbills and the majestic White Breasted Sea Eagle.

read more about the underground river..